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“Fresh, trenchant, bracing journalism is the oxygen, not only of democracy, but of cultural exchange…Unlike poetry, journalism strides out into the world and demands a response.” – Ian Hargreaves, Journalism: A Very Short Introduction (2005).

Investigative Data Journalist

Miguel Roca is currently studying for a PGCert in Data Journalism at Birmingham City University in the UK. His interests include public interest stories driven by data, and investigative reporting which gives a voice to the voiceless whilst holding the powerful to account. On a typical day he can be found working on…

Data driven stories

Researching & writing stories with diverse data sources: Revealing and crafting narratives the public have a right to know.

Investigative reporting

Digging deep to uncover hidden stories based on data alongside real lived experiences. Shining a light into dark places & exposing the truth wherever it is held captive or obscured.

Holding power to account

Combining data & investigative journalism to hold governments, companies, and powerful individuals to account. Speaking truth to power in the public interest.

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